Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lukie's favorite thing to do

The Twinsies have lots of things they like to do. For example, they like to steal one another's binkies. They like to dump out all of their books. They like to climb on their table and see if they can reach the top of the couch (Gracie discovered this one. She scared the heck out of Eddie). They like to steal one another's snacks (okay, this is mostly Lucas stealing Gracie's food). They especially enjoy dumping every last toy out of the organizer, because, hey, Mommy and Daddy love cleaning up after babies!

But Lukie's new favorite thing to do caught Eddie and me off guard. Gracie and Luke have a Busy Ball Popper by PlaySkool. When I first bought it for them in July, they looked at it like it was a snake. They promptly lost 3 of the 5 balls it came with, so we are down to playing with just 2. Luke has found a different use for it. Storage.

This morning, I was looking for the phone and realized that Lukie was hitting the Busy Ball Popper. He seemed rather despairing in his beating of it. That's when I saw this:

Here's another view:

If you look closely, you will see the phone, 2 binkies, 2 glow sticks, some paper and one of the balls stuck in there. I was so stunned at what I saw that I had to grab my camera.

This isn't the first time he's put things in there. We've found Cherrios, Gracie's binky, tubes of diaper rash cream, shoes, a necterine seed. Clearly, the thing is meant to be for storage!

The problem is that once he puts things into the Ball Popper, he can't get any of it out. I usually have to take it apart and fish each of the items out. Sometimes are easier than others. This time, the orange glow stick gave me quite a challenge. A pair of scissors were needed to grab ahold of it.

Of course, 30 seconds after I got everything out, Lukie was already trying to put everything back in.

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