Friday, November 14, 2008

Graciela, you are in so much trouble!

Gracie gave Eddie the scare of his life today. In fact, now that I hear the story, I'm surprised I'm not passed out from the shear terror of the situation.

Eddie was taking the babies to the car this morning, holding both of their hands. Gracie either tripped or pulled hard enough that she broke free from Eddie's hand. The next thing he knew, she had taken off running as fast as she could toward the street. Terrified, Eddie put Luke in the van and closed the door, so that he could go after Gracie. Without a cane, he walked as quickly as he could, calling for Gracie to stop. She thought he was playing a game with her and continued to run up the street. By the time he caught up with her, she was passing the second house past ours and decided to hang a left and head across the street. Luckily, he caught up with her and was able to pick her up and walk back to the car.

Honestly, this has been my nightmare: that one of the babies would take off like that and be hurt by one of the maniacs who come tearing around the corner. Eddie is still traumatized by the event.

Gracie, if you are grown up and reading this, this is the reason you are grounded until you are 30! Never ever do this to your Daddy again!

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