Monday, November 3, 2008

Sickness - Then, and Now

It was much easier being sick before Gracie and Luke. We could sleep for hours on end and heal. We could be lame and selfish while we were getting better. Now, we have Twinsies who get sick too and they don't sleep! They wake up when they are sick and they cry until someone holds them or fixes their sickie-poo-ness.

Both Gracie and Luke have ear infections. This is Gracie's second ear infection in 4 weeks. They wake up multiple times during the night crying and not knowing what they want to help them feel better. They are both on antibiotics and are sick and tired of taking medicine.

At the same time, Ed and I are sick too. Ed coughs most of the night (maybe why the Twinsies wake up as much as they do) and I can't sleep because I keep waiting for Gracie and Luke to start crying. I'm exhausted and I can feel myself getting sicker by the second. I am really worried about what will happen if I get really sick. I can't imagine what will happen then!

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