Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Amazing Gracie Lu-Who

Gracie and Luke are amazing! It's not like I'm surprised by it or anything. After all, they are related to some pretty fabulous people.

But recently, they've been even more amazing that I first thought. Gracie, in particular, has knocked our socks off with how Amazing she is.

Yesterday, both Gracie and Luke were sick. Daddy and Grandma took them to the doctor's office and then they stayed home with Grandma instead of going to school. About lunch time, Grandma decided to treat them to lunch at McDonald's. They drove over, had lots of fun eating chicken, french fries, and apples, and got to play in the Fun Zone. Grandma did have to go on one rescue mission after they made it to the top of the tube maze and were too scared to move.

On the way home, Grandma made a mistake. She put Gracie and her purse into the car and did not strap her in. Instead, she walked around to the other side and put Lukie into his seat and strapped him in. As she closed Lukie's door, Little Miss Lu-Who showed Grandma how fantastic she is at pushing just the right button. She pushed the ALL Lock button and locked Grandma out of the car. At first, Grandma started to panic. How was she going to get Gracie and Luke out of the car? She kept telling Gracie to unlock the door, not realizing that Gracie doesn't know what "unlock" means. (I said she was amazing, not all knowing!)

Just as Grandma was going to call 911, a stranger stopped to calm her down. She reminded Grandma that it was cool outside and calling 911 would result in some high fees. (Grandma forgot that she is a AAA member and could have had someone there in 15 minutes).

When she reached a point where she wasn't hypervenilating anymore, Grandma decided to try to direct Gracie on how to open the door. She started asking Gracie to come to the door and asked her to push this button, then that button. Five minutes after she started, Gracie showed Grandma for the second time how amazing she was. After following all of the directions spoken in Spanish, Gracie pushed the Unlock button and Grandma was able to get inside.

Can you imagine? Everything Grandma said was in Spanish and Gracie knew what she was talking about!

So there you have it. Further evidence of the Fantastic and Amazing Gracie Lu-Who!


  1. Wow - that is amazing. And completely terrifying! Poor Grandma!!!!!

  2. I agree with Nat - that is terrifyingly amazing!

  3. I would be too terrified to move! Good job, Abuela (and Gracie)!


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