Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daddy's Lament

"It happened."

This was how Daddy started our conversation last night about the events of yesterday morning. 

"What happened?" I asked, not sure if I needed to be concerned or not.

"Well, Grandma and Grandpa were helping me get Gracie and Luke dressed this morning and as soon as he was dressed, Lukie walked over to the door and stood there.  Then he said, 'Friends.' "

 (Friends is our magic word for school.  As in:  "Gracie and Lukie, let's go play with your Friends.")

Daddy continued, "So, I called him over to put his backpack on and then we put Gracie's backpack on and they led me out the door.  They walked me to school."

So the days of not wanting to go to school are over.  No more attempting to run the opposite direction down the street to avoid crossing at the crosswalk.  No more crying when Daddy and Grandma drop them off.  No more falling to the ground in an attempt to avoid being taken over the threshold. 

Gracie and Luke love school. 

I'm not sure why this makes Daddy sad.  Especially when you consider the reception when he goes to pick them up!


  1. No tantrums or tears is a very, very good thing! I hope Daddy comes to terms with it soon!

  2. It is so hard when they cry and so much harder when they don't :-( Ed might want to make other plans on the first day of kindergarten, it's a tear jerking day!


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