Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Surprises!

Saturday was Gracie and Luke's birthday. It was a day filled with happiness and fun.

And no naps.

For the record, no naps = cranky kids and no naps = cranky parents. Just in case you hadn't done the math.

We started the morning waking up later than normal and headed out to the livingroom to watch Barney and have a banana. At some point, Daddy brought out the birthday presents: new tricycles!

She was in the middle of saying "cheese."

"Oh, look!"

After admiring the bikes, we headed off to our birthday party at the Los Angeles Zoo. I recently purchased a Family Pass, so we invited all of Gracie and Luke's cousins, Auntie Ten Ten, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Becca, and Nana. It was HOT, HOT, HOT! We were already sweating before we walked through the gates.

We did not realize that this was all of the Cousins' first trip to the Zoo. It was evident within the first 30 seconds after we walked off the ramp. They made a beeline for the seal tank and could have stayed there all day!

We had a great time exploring the Zoo and everyone agreed that we need to go back again soon. If only Lukie's hat survived the day. Instead, the apes now have a new article of clothing.

I think it was Aunt Bec who said, "This is the best birthday party ever!" Auntie Ten Ten totally agreed. "There's no clean up!"

Exactly, young grasshoppers. Exactly!


  1. YAY! I'm glad everyone had fun and survived the heat.



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