Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Merry Go Round Revisited

On Friday, we spent some time at the Mall.  One of the big draws was the two story Merry Go Round.  They had tons of zoo animals as well as horses for the kids to ride.  Gracie has been hesitant in the past about riding the Merry Go Round.  Lucas, however, loves them!

This time, we bought several tokens and I took Gracie and Lucas on the Merry Go Round and let them choose which animals they wanted to sit on.  They rode a zebra, a black horse, a white horse, and an elephant.

Here is some of the fun:

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  1. Very cute videos! I'm glad they like, or tolerate, the merry-go-round! Our boys just had their first experience on one and screamed their heads off the whole time. I thought they were going to have to stop the ride to let us off. Sigh. Maybe next year!


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