Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween...Maybe Next Year

I think the sickness and the teething were too much for Gracie and Luke. They did not want to be dressed up, they did not want to be in their wagon. All they wanted (sorry, Nana) was chicken nuggets and to go home.

As a result, we were back at home by 7 pm. Gracie was asleep and Lukie tried to stay awake as long as he could. He lasted until 7:30 pm. Now, everyone's asleep and I am sitting here watching television. No trick or treaters (where are they, by the way?). Just me, my lap top, and the blog. Can you tell I've been busy?

The good news in all of this is that their costumes are size 12 - 24 months. Most likely, they'll still fit next year. Thank goodness! I spent good money on them!

I'll post the 2 whole pictures I have of the Twinsies in their costumes tomorrow. I'm off to bed. I might as well take advantage!

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