Friday, August 7, 2009

Bright Ideas

When we were in Modesto, Caryn took us out for ice cream. Thinking my best bet at not losing the ice cream was by having it served in cups, I had Gracie and Luke served their Cabana Banana ice cream in the cute cups and given pink spoons. They did well with them, but grew bored rather quickly.

Caryn, on the other hand, had all of her kids served ice cream in cones! You can only imagine my awe watching her hand her twins (about two weeks younger than Gracie and Luke) their own cones. She, wisely, had them served less ice cream, but the twins were able to eat their own ice cream, just like the big kids. It got me thinking that I have been isolating Gracie and Luke too much. In my effort to keep them clean (and thus, the area surrounding them clean), I'm keeping them from learning how to be a big kid.

So, when we went to Auntie Ten Ten's house yesterday, I bought some Drumstick ice cream cones and brought them to share with everyone. While they were in their swimsuits (and trapped outside), I gave each of them a vanilla cone and sat back to watch what would happen. At first, they weren't sure what to do with them, so I broke out an ice cream cone for myself and demonstrated. It took awhile for them to break through the chocolate, but once they did, they were very happy! They wandered around, eating ice cream and chatting to one another and others around them, showing off their ice cream cones.

Eventually, the ice cream began to melt and that is when I caught these:

Auntie Ten Ten told me to just dunk them in the pool. When I hesitated, she did it for me! I still ended up giving them a bath. By the time they were done snacking, they had watermelon juice, cantaloupe juice, melon juice, and Doritos dust all over them. I'm very glad I let them have their own cones. They really enjoyed the independence.

Note to self: They don't understand that you can eat the cones. Next time, let's stick to Popsicles!

And just for fun, look at how big Baby Emerson is getting! She's the spitting image of her Mommy. Hard to believe she is only 10 weeks old.


  1. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Oh my - I love the pics! I'm guilty of sometimes sheltering my guys too much as well. You just gave me a little courage to try the cones next time though!


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