Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Icy creamy, icy creamy! What a treat!

Today, Gracie, Luke and I played outside, drew with sidewalk chalk on my car (okay, that wasn't me), sprayed water on every inch of the porch, swing set and each other, and ate ice cream cones when Daddy got home.

I caught some pictures of our activities today. My favorite: Dorito Face (which quickly turned into dirt and Dorito Face)

Spray bottles can be very useful.

None of Lukie's shorts stay on.
Most of the day, he runs around in a diaper and a shirt.
(Yes, I am that mom.)

After their nap, we played a ton and then came in to watch the "elphant" movie: Horton Hears a Who. Lukie was so into the movie that he did not move from this position...
...unless the Whos were on. He doesn't care for them much.

After dinner with Daddy, we decided to have an ice cream treat on the porch. I sang the Barney "Icy Creamy" song while I made their small ice cream cones. They loved them. Of course, they started at their table and then started to wander.

I'm still not sure how the ice cream on Lukie's forehead got there.

Where's your ice cream, Lukie?

After a while, Lukie grew bored with his ice cream and gave it to Gracie.
Three guesses who finished her own ice cream and her brothers!


  1. I can't believe Luke willingly gave up his ice cream - crazy kid! Love all the pics. :)

  2. I love that it was on his forehead!!! Looks like it was Gracie's lucky day!


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