Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Something to get excited about

If you are ever at our house when Gracie and Luke wake up, you need to be in position to watch the run from their bedroom to the living room. There are 3 things they want in the morning: a "cracka", "mwilk", and "Bahney." The run is made while they shout these three words in no particular order.

Once we get our cracker and milk (and sometimes raisins), we sit down to watch an episode (carefully Tivoed) of Barney. We have 11 or so saved to the DVR, but their favorite is the episode when a petting farm comes to the park. Usually, they say "Cow! E-O, E-O!" This makes sense because they sing Old MacDonald had a farm.

Normally, we reserve Barney only for the morning, but this afternoon, our nap time did not go well. After we played outside for 2 hours (I'm still stunned by that!), Gracie started asking about Barney and the "poo-poo." Now, if you haven't seen Barney's movie, you would have no clue what she's talking about. But if you have, you know that one of the kids in the movie steps in cow poop at one point. For some reason, our children are fixated on that scene!

Before the movie started, I caught the following:

Aren't they hysterically cute?!


  1. Nothing like a good poop show to get the day underway! LOVE it!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is too cute! I love Gracie's "surprised" face. LOL!


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