Saturday, August 8, 2009

In LOVE with Baby Emerson

Baby Cousin Emerson was born in May. She's Auntie Ten Ten's baby girl and Gracie and Luke are obsessed with her. Auntie Ten Ten lets them hold her while they sit on the couch (with a Bobby pillow on their laps). She lets them kiss the baby and give her love. As a result, all they want to do is hold Baby Emerson when they get the chance.

See? Here they are smothering Baby Emerson in an attempt to lavish her with kisses!

Nathan and Lukie giving Emerson love!

Gracie going in to plant a kiss on Emerson.

Jeez! Give the baby some air, will ya?

By the way, it should be known that I "borrowed" these from Auntie Ten Ten's Facebook page. I hope that's okay with you, Ten Ten!


  1. They are too cute and gentle. I never have to tell them to be careful...they are adorable.


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