Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vacationing in Modesto

Hawaii. Paris. Spain. Millions of people travel outside of California for vacations. None of them, not a single one, realize that an exotic locale exists in the northern half of California.

Where you ask?

Why, Modesto!

Modesto is in Stanislaus County off of Highway 99. It is a lovely, clean city surrounded by farms. What makes Modesto so much fun and the ideal vacation spot is that it is home to Caryn's family and, most importantly to Gracie and Luke, their Friends: Ty, Wes, Lyv, Ysa, and Layla!

We were so excited to visit Caryn's family and to be able to spend an entire weekend playing with them. On Saturday, we were even more excited to meet Janie's family at Caryn's house. It was absolute Twindamonium!

Janie, Caryn, and Mommy

We had this amazing pork tenderloin with arugula and grilled peaches. As usual, Gracie and Luke ate more off of my plate than their own. We had a great time playing with friends.

On Sunday, we went with our friends to the Stanislaus County Fair. There we found more cows (clean ones), pigs, sheep, goats, and other animals than we could count. We spent most of our visit saying, "HI!" to the animals.

After the animals, we had lunch and walked around to scope out the rides. Gracie and Luke wanted to ride the carousel, but once we got on and it started to move, Gracie wasn't so sure that is where she wanted to be.

After the Fair, we went back to Caryn's Family's house and had leftovers for dinner. Gracie and Luke ran around while I talked with Caryn and her parents. Daddy hung out with Bryan, Caryn's husband.

The next day, we had plans to go to Story Time at the local library with Caryn and the friends, but Gracie woke up sick. So sick was little miss Gracie, that she took a 3 hour nap! Unheard of at our house!

After lots of sleep and some Motrin, Gracie felt a lot better. She and Lukie had a pillow fight with Daddy, we took a drive to buy some HUGE peaches, and we went to a park to play a little. It was a nice quiet day. We ended the day having ice cream with Caryn and the Friends!

So if you haven't made your travel plans yet, consider Modesto. Enjoy the cows, the really nice people, the plethora of drive-thru Starbucks, and Sonic Drive-Ins. If you plan to travel this week, you can visit the Stanislaus County Fair, too!


  1. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time - sickness aside. I hope we all get to meet up someday! Love all the pics!

  2. LOL Yes, Modesto is the unknown secret in vacationing!!! We had a great time with you guys and can't wait to do it again! LOVED the video - priceless!!!!


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