Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How much happiness can $1 bring?


You used to be able to buy 4 candy bars with it (I remember that time). Now, you can buy one. Unless they are on sale.

You can buy a box of sidewalk chalk. Not a good plan if you have 18 month olds. Luke thinks you can eat it. Thank goodness it is non-toxic.

It can buy one small tub of Playdough. They are $0.94 at Walmart. Also not a good plan. Like Aunt Bec, Luke would probably sneak bites of it when I wasn't looking.

What $1 can buy you is a shovel and a pail.

That shovel and pail provided Gracie and Luke with 30 minutes of nonstop fun, shoveling scoop after scoop of sand into their pails. They chattered away with one another, stopped and chattered at me a bit, then dumped all of their sand on each other. This was followed by much laughing and giggling.

That's my kind of happiness.

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