Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swimming in the Bathtub

One of my favorite memories of childhood was "swimming" in the bathtub with my sisters. We did not have a large bathtub, but it was long and we could lay on our tummies and pretend we were swimming in the ocean. We had some pretty active imaginations.

Since the advent of the bubbles in the bathtub here in our temporary abode, Gracie and Luke have been having much more fun in the bath. Recently, Gracie started stretching her body out and rolling around in the water. Most times she does this very elegantly. Other times, she loses her grip on the tub floor and slides under the water. If this were a few months ago, she would be crying because she was dunked. But not any more. Both Gracie and Luke think putting their faces in the water is fun and they do it regularly!

I tried to get some video of the whale imitations. Alas, my Twinsie Whales would have none of it!


Equally fun is getting them out of the tub. My sisters and I used to do these funny little giggles and sounds when we were cold and trying to get warm. Gracie and Luke have started making those same sounds! The first time I heard the little "hehehehehehehe" sound I had flashbacks to San Francisco and Becca and I trying to get warm under the covers at Auntley's house. Now, Gracie and Luke do those same sounds we did, giggling all the while. I never did those sounds for them, so it makes it even sweeter that they are doing them.


  1. Ahhhh yes..."Swimmy, Swimmy, Swimmy the whale..." my kids have also adopted the heeeeheheheheheh...glad to see the tradition lives!

  2. That is so sweet!!! I just love the new discoveries that each day brings!


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