Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Life without Air Conditioning

Back in olden times...

Okay, that's just too hokey!

But seriously, back when I was little, we rarely had the air conditioning on. In fact, when I think of drives in my mom's cars, it wasn't until she bought the Ford Tempo that we actually had air conditioning. In the house, she had us open windows and use fans, rather than turn on the central A/C that she spent an arm and a leg for when our house was built.

With the recent heatwave (yes, it really is a heatwave in April), everywhere I go, there is air conditioning on. My classroom has it, although it sends most of the cool air to my coworker's room. My car has it. Yay! Our house has it, if we ever get to go back. Technically, our apartment has it too. However, I can't use it.

You see, we had Daddy's new TV placed on a tall dresser in the corner of the living room so that it could be seen in the kitchen. The same corner that houses the air conditioning unit. I'm pretty sure it is not a good thing to run an A/C that close to the back of a television. So, we are making due with a sliding glass door, a fan, and the door to our apartment propped open with a baby gate to keep Gracie and Luke from taking a trip outside. We are wearing fewer layers of clothes and Gracie and Luke have been wearing t-shirts and shorts to bed.

If things get really bad, I guess I will have to figure out how to move the dresser and the TV without damaging the cable connection. Then again, if pioneer women could survive wearing those awful skirts and long sleeve shirts, I can bust out the summer jammies.

Dreaming of my house with my own air conditioning,

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