Friday, April 24, 2009

Stacy's Dinner

I've mentioned before about my amazing colleagues making us dinner each night. This week has been amazing: spicy beef chili and cornbread, swiss steak and mashed potatoes with baby carrots, chicken noodle soup. Tonight, Stacy made dinner for us. We had lemon chicken and cous cous.

As I suspected, Gracie and Luke loved the chicken! They each ate a drumstick and a thigh all by themselves. They were a little more conservative about the cous cous. I tried to convince them it was rice, but they knew better. It may have been that the cous cous was smaller than grains of rice. Or, it may have been that it stuck to their fingers. Gracie and Luke are weird about things sticking to their fingers.

Lukie doing his Happy Food Dance

To finish off the meal, I gave Gracie and Luke their newest favorite thing ever...Danimals yogurt smoothies. I found one that has the special bacteria to help with digestion. They are both on antibiotics, so this yogurt is very important. Gracie's stomach does not do well with antibiotics. The good news is that they LOVE the yogurt.

Gracie was very upset that she was finished with her yogurt. She decided to put her extra chicken in the yogurt container.

Stacy, thank you for the very yummy dinner. We have leftovers. I can't wait for lunch tomorrow!

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