Friday, April 17, 2009

In need of a fairy godmother

Have you ever had one of those lifetimes days where you were ready to throw in the towel, leave all your worldly possessions, and hop a freighter to a foreign land?

You know you have.

I feel like I've had 6 months worth of those days.

I'm working hard to come up with my blessings today. However, after having been treated unkindly by the nurses at Eddie's hospital, not being able to contact the contractor I hired for the fixing of our house, and having my children hit me, pull my hair, and take an hour and 15 minutes to finally settle into sleep, I'm ready for the high seas and I dare any pirates to try to take me!

We seem to go through cycles. One moment, things look quite rosy. We are in a great pattern of sleep, eating well, etc. And then, wham! Everything gets smashed to smithereens. Gracie, Luke and I were on a great schedule during Spring Break. That darn Healthy Sleep Habits author was totally right about never waking a sleeping child. We had 12 hours of sleep (well, the twins did) and everyone was nice to me (even when they had the stomach flu) during Spring Break. Now that I am back to work and am waking Gracie and Luke a half an hour before they are ready to get up, they are pains in the booty. They fight me at bed time, hit and bite each other. It's pretty ugly.

What I need is a fairy godmother. I don't need Prince Charming, although, some fairy dust on Daddy might be wonderful if it helps him get better soon. I need a fairy godmother who will come to the temporary abode and wave her magic wand to make the clothes, food embedded in the carpet, the piles of toys and random other things magically organize and store themselves so that I don't have to do them. Unfortunately, 1) there is nowhere to store this magically organized stuff and 2) there's no such thing as a fairy godmother.

It would be quite lovely, though.

Tomorrow, Nana is going to kidnap us and take us to Palm Springs. There is a Mexican restaurant there with this very happy chipotle chicken salad. My stomach is growling just thinking of it. Auntie Ten Ten and Nate are coming, too.

Maybe my fairy godmother will show up while we are gone.

Hey, a girl can wish!

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  1. If you find that fairy send her my way! I would LOVE to have my 7 passenger car back - I NEED wheels!!! I hope things get better soon, toddlers are tough no matter what your situation is...


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