Monday, June 15, 2009

All Girl and All Boy

They were born on the same day, less than a minute apart. They can play with whatever toys they want and we don't care which color binky they have in their mouths.

Sometimes, though, you can't fight genetics.

Many thanks to Tio Freddy for starting Lucas on his way to juvenile delinquency. Fred, you can be the one to bail him out of jail when he throws rocks at other stuff!

P.S. I did Gracie's hair! ALL BY MYSELF!

P.S.S. Scroll down to see Daddy dancing!


  1. CUTE!! LOVE Gracie's hair!!! And Luke does have quite an arm!;-)

  2. Gracie's hair is definitely something to be proud of! And the video of her twirling around is so adorable it makes me want a little girl SO badly! Luke is obviously enjoying himself too! My boys love to throw rocks and as long as they're not throwing them at each other, I'm content for the time being. ;)


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