Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Possessed Toys

I hate clowns. Ever since Poltergeist, I can't stand them. They terrify me. Most likely because I think everyone of them is possessed and waiting for me to drop my guard long enough for them to attack.

Lukie has this car that was given to us after the fire. I don't turn it on very often because, frankly, it scares the holy moly out of the Twinsies and me. When I do turn it on, I am facinated by the music that comes out of it. What the heck is that music? What is the voice singing? I'm not sure, but it must be a demonic song. It must be.

The car has a wheel on its undercarriage that allows it to spin around in circles and get itself out of corners. Its doors open and close on their own and the eyes and tongue (yes, it has eyes and a tongue) move of their own accord as well. In all, it is a singing/spinning, door flapping monstrosity of a car.


The good news is that Gracie and Luke are not taking the demonic possession of one of their toys lightly. Every time the car starts up, they kick, throw and pummel the thing until I take pity on it and turn it off.

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  1. Good for the Twinsies!!!! I can't wait to see the video! :)


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