Friday, June 5, 2009

Gracie dresses herself

I dressed Gracie the other day in a happy and fun orange and white shirt and leggings. She looked adorable.

Apparently, she thought she was under dressed.

Yes, those are granny panties Gracie is wearing as a hoodie. Yes, they are mine.

When I called out to her, she took off running to avoid having me strip her of her new outfit.

I post these pictures and take on the embarrassment of you seeing my undies, not because I enjoy posting pictures of my underwear on the internet, but as a warning.



  1. Ysa likes my bras and Layla is more of an accessory girl!

  2. We have that same outfit! I got that one and 6 others at Wal-mart for $2 each!!! I thought it was a joke... you can't beat that price with a stick! Oh, and Amelia & Ella have both been photographed wearing my undies as headgear!

  3. That is too funny! Landon likes to wear my public! People were laughing as they walked by seeing Landon carrying mommy's red purse! ;-)

  4. Darn it, Marcy! I paid full price for that outfit back in March! Poop!

  5. Here's the thing... I swear the outfits were mismarked! The cashier even asked me how they were on clearance since they were still in season! If you want, I will send you mine for next year. I bought all of A&E's outfits in a 2T. Guessing Gracie's is a wee bit smaller...


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