Thursday, June 11, 2009

From the "Makes Me Happy" Files

The other morning, Gracie and Luke decided to use the kitchen as a race track. Well, actually, it was more like a "I'm gonna chase you!" track. By the time I got my new fangled camera set to video, most of the running was over.

I caught this and it made me giggle, so I'm sharing it with you.
(Please ignore the crazy state of the apartment, I keep cleaning and cleaning, but don't get anywhere!)


I'm on a mission to catch more!

Oh, and new words:
mail (as in Gracie must have a piece of mail when we retrieve ours from the mail box)
up (as in the opposite of down)
cheese! (when asked to smile for a picture)
sunshine (Gracie has become a parrot lately!)

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  1. I love those moments - hard as they may be to capture on tape!


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