Monday, June 15, 2009

Word a Day

Words are coming fast and furiously here in our temporary abode. Gracie and Luke fluently understand anything said to them in Spanish or English. When they come up with new words in Spanish, I don't usually catch them. My Spanish is minimal and I don't have enough experience with it to pick it up when my 21 month olds are trying to say something new.

However, the English words are flying around here and are coming from both Gracie and Luke at an alarming rate!

New words recently:
I do!

I love when they use a new word and surprise me. It is so much fun seeing how happy it makes them to communicate with me. We still have plenty of grunting from Lucas, but they are trying more and more to use words.

Another cool trick (that I must get on video) is the animal game. I can hold a book open and say, "Lukie, where's the cow?" and he will gleefully point at the cow and shout, "Right there!" (it actually sounds like "riiiidaarrrr") "Gracie, where's the giraffe?" "Right there!"

It is seriously fun!


  1. I get "Air-eee-ess!" Translation: There he is! I love this stage!

  2. "wuzz-AT" over here means "what's that?" I agree - their expanding vocabulary is so much fun!


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