Friday, June 12, 2009

Celebrating our Second Un-Birthday

2 years ago today, I was 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant with Gracie and Luke.

2 years ago today, I was having contractions (not the Braxton Hicks kind).

2 years ago today, I had an appointment with Dr. Hartford and he made me sit for 20 minutes having my contractions monitored. The machine did not register any of the contractions I felt.

2 years ago today, Daddy drove me home. I was scared and worried and waiting for the results of a test that would supposedly tell us whether I would go into labor in the next 2 weeks.

2 years ago today, I lay on the couch and the contractions did not stop. They got stronger and started to get closer together.

2 years ago today, the nurse called to tell me that my fetal fibronectin test came back positive. I panicked.

2 years ago today, when the contractions started to feel like the worst cramps of my life, Dr. Hartford had Daddy drive me to Huntington Memorial so that the nurses in Labor and Delivery could monitor my contractions.

2 years ago today, Dr. Hartford discovered that my body was in preterm labor. He was gruff and pessimistic and he scared the crap out of me.

2 years ago today, Dr. Hartford fought to stop my contractions and keep Gracie and Luke from being born. He was successful, kind of.

2 years ago today began a battle that would continue for 12 weeks and 2 days. On our side, Dr. Hartford, the best OBGYN in the universe (God sent me to him), magnesium sulfate (the medicine that kept my uterus from contracting), the Perinatal High Risk nurses who monitored me, held my hand, made me laugh, and held me when I cried.

2 years ago today could have been Gracie and Luke's birthday. But because we had Dr. Hartford and his team on our side, I can happily say that today is Gracie and Luke's UnBirthday.

Dr. Hartford,
Not a day goes by that I don't look at Gracie and Luke and think of you. You were pessimistic and helped me keep focused on my goal: growing my babies. You were exactly what I needed. My very own kick in the butt. You started out as my doctor, but by the end of the summer of 2007, you became my friend. You sat and talked with me about mundane things. You explained all of the technical stuff that was going on. You treated me like a person and not just a patient. We will be forever grateful to you for fighting for us.
Happy UnBirthday to you, too!


  1. Happy Un-birthday Gracie and Lukie!! Isn't it crazy thinking back about what might have been? You and I went on bedrest at almost the same time AND our babies were born 1 day apart. Yeah for Un-birthdays!

  2. I remember those days like it was yesterday. PS - saying 2 years ago seems unreal!

  3. Wow is all I can say! I too remember those days like it was yesterday. Your strength and determination still amazes me!


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