Friday, June 26, 2009

Heading toward Normal

I'd forgotten what life was like when it was the 4 of us together. Night time, for example, was not incredibly stressful as it has been for me lately. Back then, Daddy and I used to bathe Gracie and Luke and then we would lay on the bed together and sing to help them go to sleep. Most nights, I would hold Gracie and Daddy would hold Luke. Some nights, they would fall asleep in our arms. Other nights, they might be put to bed slightly awake. Either way, night time was a lot less stressful. Two parents can do amazing things together.

The last couple of nights, Daddy has been coming home with us to help with bed time. Two nights ago, he took pity on me and my hopelessness with house cleaning. He cleaned the entire kitchen counter in under 30 minutes! Why can't I do that? Then, he entertained Gracie and Luke while I made dinner. They still tried to "help" me, but it wasn't with the same "please give me attention" intensity that has permeated our lives for the last 6 months.

We ended both nights with baths and I packed Gracie and Luke into the car to drive Daddy back to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Gracie and Luke were both asleep before the second track on More from Pooh Corner.

There is something about having a healthy Daddy around that makes everything better. Gracie and Luke are happier, smiling more, loving more, silly more. I can feel it too. When Daddy is around, I'm not as anxious and trying to anticipate the next awful thing that will happen. I can be calmer knowing that he is there to help me.

Today, the movers are moving our 8 huge wood storage pods of stuff back to our house. Daddy is overseeing it all. Starting today, we have 19 days to get it all unpacked, sorted, stored, used, thrown away, or donated. Because on July 15th, we will officially move back into our house. The four of us together again.

There it is! That light at the end of the tunnel again. It gets brighter every day!


  1. I am so excited for you guys - YAY!!!!!!

  2. That is the Jen I know and LOVE! YAY!


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