Monday, October 27, 2008

Faster than a speeding bullet!

As the Twinsies get older, I am stunned by how quickly they develop new skills. Their powers of deduction are really starting to worry me. Any day now, they are going to figure out how to drive a car and then we will really be in trouble!

They've figured out how to get on top of their table, how to use their Kangaroo Climber to get up high enough to reach over the baby gate. They've reasoned out how to set boxes on top of one another so that they could reach some things they wanted up high. Today, they figured out how to stand on their tippy toes and reach the door handle to the front door. Eddie was stunned to see that they could not only reach it, but they figured out how to move the handle so that they could open the door!

More things they have figured out:

1) how to squeeze under the jogging stroller to get down the front stairs

2) how to lift the Super Gate so that they can get into "No Man's Land" a.k.a. my work area.

3) how to knock over their bear friend and release the Cheerios in the morning.

4) how to escape from highchairs

5) how to escape from their carseats

6) how to plug up the drain so that their bath water will stay in the tub

For crying out loud! They are not even 14 months old yet!

See? I really need to get a new Club for the steering wheel.

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