Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hitting, biting, and stealing...Oh, My!

According to Baby Center, a 13 month - 4 week old toddler is due for some pretty strange behavior. "Due?" We've been experiencing the behaviors for the past two weeks or so!

Suddenly, Gracie and Luke are hitting each other, hitting us, biting one another, biting their toys (I'll admit, that makes me laugh!). They've been steeling toys from one another more and more often, just about as often as they steal binkies from one another. It is truly frustrating. They used to play together so well and now-a-days 50% of the time they are stealing things from each other and crying. Often, we end up with one or more babies falling into our laps crying hysterically because a sibling has stolen a toy and/or hit them.

According to the article I read, this is all normal for their age. They don't see the other as a person with feelings, rather as an object to explore. They don't mean to hurt another person, they just want the toy or binky right now! The article recommends pillow fights, PlayDough, and splashing in puddles to get some of that craziness out. I'm going shopping for baby pillows tomorrow! I wonder if I should buy some PlayDough, too? Wait, Aunt Becca ate PlayDough when she was little.

Uh, maybe not. I do not want to see the diaper surprises after that. Yuck. Fun times!

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