Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our first incident report

Gracie has a permanent record.

It isn't her fault! Apparently, a little boy at Day Care decided to take a swat at her. She now has a mark on her face. No biggie! She doesn't even notice it is there. I only notice it because, hey, I'm her Mommy.

(see, it's there under her left eye - her left, not yours!)


The nice thing is that when Ed arrived to pick up the babies yesterday, the head teacher had a Boo-boo report for him to read and sign. Not only did he sign that he read it, but the parents of the little boy who hurt Gracie have to sign that he did it. I love accountability!

Well, I will until we have to sign a report about something Gracie or Luke did. Grrrrr.

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