Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Side effects of Day Care (aka "School")

Twinsies, who are used to being rocked to sleep and are overstimulated by their new environment, tend not to take naps when they are at school. Gracie would rather walk up the ramp and down the steps, while Lukie is the first to gobble up his morning muffin. Reports are that they had a 1/2 hour nap today, by accident.

When we got home, they were so tired they did not want to eat dinner (even though they ate everything we managed to get near their mouths) and they cried all through their 10 minute bath. It is 6:45 pm and the Twinsies are asleep. Exhausted from their day of no naps and so much to do.

By the way, Gracie is indeed the only girl in the new walker/toddler room. According to reports, she is Miss Independent, the sheep hearder to the little boy sheep. Good gravy, what are we in for?

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