Monday, October 13, 2008

Marek Fire

If you haven't heard, there is a major brush fire burning along the foothills where we live. We actually live about 3 miles from where the fire is burning, but based on how bad the winds have been, there is a chance that it might head toward us and we may need to be evacuated.

It was pretty scary this morning, going out to my car and seeing a red and black sky from the smoke. Even scarier was being able to see flames on this hill side to the east of us. I did not realize how bad the fire was until I was halfway to school and by then, Ed told me to just go and he would be fine with the babies. His college is right in the middle of the evacuation zone, so he is staying home today.

He is already packing for us. It is hard to tell him what to pack. If I were there, I might choose different things. But right now, all that would really matter to me would be the babies. As long as Eddie, Gracie and Luke were fine, it would not matter to me what he managed to take with us.

I know this link won't work forever, but if you live far away and are worried about us, you can use it to see where the evacuation zone is as the day progresses. My map above is as of 9:30 am.

Follow-up: 2:30 pm - We are being evacuated. We will check back when we can.

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  1. Praying and thinking of you guys!!! Lots of hugs, kisses, and love!!!! -Ten Ten, Uncle Bear, Nate, & baby


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