Friday, October 10, 2008

If I may take a moment...

I've been rereading a lot of my most recent posts and I'm feeling like my sleep deprivation is finally starting to have a detrimental effect on my mental abilities. Back before the Twinsies were born, my writing seems more coherent. I am especially impressed by the way I wrote like I was speaking to adults and not writing for babies. Back then, Ed was Ed, not Daddy. None of you call him Daddy, so why am I writing like that?

Why is this bothering me? My sister shared my blog with my AP English teacher from high school way back in the beginning. She was actually impressed by it and I felt a surge of pride at having managed to be articulate. Now, I look at it and think, "Oh, Wow! Ms. Stith would hate that." I know that I can communicate better than this and I've decided to make today a new starting point.

So, if you will help me out: Any time I call Ed "Daddy" for no apparent reason, please call me on it. Any time you read the blog and you feel like I am writing for a 5 year old audience, please call me on it. If you ever wonder what the heck I was thinking, please call me on it.

I'd like to recapture my former self at some point. I have so little control over most things in my life. I call dibs on my writing!

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