Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crazy Kids - The Pictures

When we get home, I'm never sure what Gracie and Luke will do. Sometimes, they are so tired that they try to climb up my leg for 30 minutes while I try to get dinner together. Other times, they will play for those same 30 minutes and I can put dinner together in peace. Thanks to a prepared dinner from Arlene (lemon chicken and rice - SO good!), I was able to play with them a little bit.

They were running around like maniacs in and out the sliding glass door. They tried on the Easter flower headband and spilled water everywhere. They managed to climb on top of the table outside and try to "fix" the air conditioner.

Luke and the Flower headband

Gracie "climbing" the fence
(not sure where she is going)

on top of the table

My Handy Man

Scroll down a bit to catch some of the action.

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