Saturday, March 7, 2009

Was it the vaccines?

Yesterday, Gracie and Luke suffered through 3 immunization shots. DTaP, Hep A and Varicella (aka chicken pox). It was not pretty. Usually, Daddy is with us, so I can stand with one of them and comfort them during the painful part and Daddy can hold the other, giving love on his end. Since Daddy wasn't there, we had to call a nurse in to hold their legs. On top of that it was the nurse who insists at the parent holding the child's legs and that just doesn't work for us. It was very traumatic and we had to have lots of hugs and love afterward.

Then, at some point last night, they both vomited and this morning had really yucky explosions in the diaper area. I know this may seem like too much information, especially if you are eating your breakfast as you read this, but I am beside myself. They have never thrown up!

We had an early morning bath and they are sitting in their diapers, watching Elmo and eating Cherrios. Occasionally, they get up, drop a bunch of Cherrios, and spend the next few minutes retrieving all of the ones they dropped.




Lukie seems to feel the worst. He wants to be held and comforted. Gracie is being a terror, stealing Lukie's Cheerios and his binky. Either way, we feel crummy this morning. Hopefully, this is just a small side effect of one of the vaccines and we'll be all better later!

Update: I think that I may have accused the vaccines before I thought it through. Given the speed with which this hit, I think it may be food poisoning. I've been working through what they ate yesterday and I suspect it was old cheese. They are still having the diarrhea. Ew. It is either that or the virus they have is causing it. Either way, sorry vaccines!

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