Friday, March 27, 2009

What a way to start Spring Break

I'll spare you the pictures of today's development.

Today, Spring Break officially started for me. Historically, it is also the first day of my week long illness. Somehow, my body is able to hold most illnesses at bay until Spring Break. Then, when it knows I can sleep for hours on end (very pre-Twinsies), WHAM! The sickies come hard and fast.

At noon today, the first phone call came. Luke had vomited all over the lunch table. There was a very graphic description of what came out of my little boy. I'll spare you those images, too. Grandma came to my rescue and went to pick up Luke. Gracie seemed a little, well, not Gracie, but Grandma decided to leave her there because she hadn't thrown up.

I picked Gracie up at 4 and she was clearly quiet and not really herself. She seemed tired and almost fell asleep in the car. When we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house, we discovered that Luke had continued to be sick. Grandpa was washing Luke's clothes, so we waited until the clothes were done and packed ourselves up.

On the way home, Luke was sick again and Gracie fell asleep in the car. I took Gracie into the apartment and put her to bed. Then, I brought Luke in and stripped him to his diaper. We lay down on the couch and watched Barney until an hour later when....

Gracie threw up.

I'm tired remembering it all.

The rest isn't important. Let's just say that they are sleeping now and I'm hoping this is just a 24 hour thing.

If it isn't, someone may have to send in the National Guard to save me from the puki-ness! One kid puking is bad. Two is downright frightening!

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