Thursday, March 19, 2009

I will remember this day, My Children

I will remember this day because you kept me up from 2 am on with coughing and crying and general sickiness.

I will remember this day because I stayed home from work to take care of you and Gracie cried for 4 hours straight.

I will remember this day because you both kept falling on the ground screaming when I could not, would not, hold both of you.

I will remember this day because you threw food at me. My memory is not generally great, but I will remember that. That was not a good move.

I will remember how Gracie kept climbing behind the little table into the electric "danger zone."

I will remember how Lukie kept climbing on and in everything and got his finger stuck in the boards of the fence outside.


I will remember how Gracie's hacking cough disappeared in the doctor's office, just to start up again when we got in the car.

I will remember how Lukie thought it was fun to throw water all over the bathroom and kept trying to put a bowl over Gracie's face.


I will remember how we lie in bed together snuggling for the night and Lukie fell asleep. Gracie lay there and kept waving at me and saying: "Hi, Momma! Hi!"

I will remember how even after such a long, traumatic day, I stayed in bed with you and loved you even more. Even though you were such pains in the butt.

It's a good thing you are so darn cute!

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  1. Awwww....what a good mama! What is up with diappearing coughs irritating!


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