Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I work with some amazing people. They are some of the most generous and supportive people I have ever met. With all that has been going on with Daddy, colleagues have offered to make dinner for Gracie, Luke, and me Monday through Friday.

Last night, Andrea made us a fantastic Italian penne pasta casserole. So yummy! Today, Alison brought us chicken enchiladas. Gracie and Luke have never had chicken enchiladas and I have to admit I was nervous trying them. Sometimes, they won't eat something if it is too spicy and I never know what "too spicy" will be. Gracie eats salsa for crying out loud!

To try to minimize the mess, I sat down with on the floor with them and tried to feed them bites of enchiladas. They were having none of that. So, I cut pieces of the enchiladas and put them on their trays. Here's the result:



Somehow, Gracie stays cleaner than Lukie every time!

After they were done with enchiladas, we shared some strawberries and apple juice. Then, it was straight into the bath to wash off our enchilada faces.

To all my work friends, if I forget to say it in a few weeks: all of the food you made us was amazing and we love you!

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