Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Twinsie Track

I'm a sucker for toys that get Gracie and Luke moving. I bought them a little slide and a huge ball, but those did not seem to be getting them out and about much. They've been using the daybed in the living room as playground equipment and I started thinking that perhaps this necessitated a few new toys.

Sunday, while our friends Julie and Gina took them to the Park, I went to Toys R Us and replaced the stroller that Gracie lost to the Great Fire Purge by the insurance company. I knew that I would need something for Luke to push and since the stroller was pink and black, decided that his father might have issues with him pushing a pink stroller. Luckily, they had a shopping cart for him to push.

They have spent hours over the past few days walking a path in the carpet, pushing their stroller and shopping cart everywhere. Today, I caught this on video:

They were hysterical. I actually have a lot more video of this, but I won't torture you with it. ;)

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