Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Set backs and moving forward

We'll start with the good/funny news. Gracie shushed me this morning when I came into the bedroom and Lukie was still sleeping. She held up her finger to her lips and "Shhhh!" Of course, when it was her turn to talk, she spoke in a normal tone, then shushed me again. She cracks me up! As for Lukie, I could have sworn he said "walk" yesterday when I carried him out of day care. He pointed to the ground and said "walk." When I tried to get him to say it again, he clammed up. I just have to be patient.

As for the set back, Daddy had some struggles last night. He was fine yesterday and has been improving since he had surgery on Saturday. Then, around 6 pm, he started having chest pains and was taken to the ICU. They think he may have had a mild heart attack. I haven't heard from the doctor today, but as soon as I know more, I will post an update.

Blessings to keep me from going insane:
My talking toddlers who keep me on my feet.
The insurance company for starting to get things going on moving us home.
Our family.
My fabulous job with students and colleagues who make me smile when I want to cry.

And the Twin Mommas who give me support when I'm feeling low.


  1. BIG HUGS!!!! So sorry things have been rough :( I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Oh Jen - I'm so sorry about Eddie. I pray for you guys every day. And, as always, the twinsies are adorable and you are amazing!

  3. Hen the Pen-
    Love your new blog. Let me know if you need the twins to spend the night Saturday night. I'm extremely SAD about Eddie and always praying for him. Much love and prayers for all of you guys.

  4. Hi Jen, Hope Eddie gets better soon. I am keeping your family in my prayers. Wishing you continued strength. Love to Gracie and Luke.

    (twin mommy to Aayush and Shreya)


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