Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank you, Aunt Bec and Nana!

On Friday night, Gracie, Luke, and I met Aunt Becca, Nana, and Bianca at Daddy's hospital. The Twinsies and Bianca ran around the room eating sugar free candy and generally causing a ruckus. When we left, Gracie and Luke went home with Aunt Bec and Nana. Lukie broke my heart crying as they pulled away...

They spent Friday night and part of Saturday with Nana at her house. Then, they spent Saturday night and most of Sunday with Aunt Bec and their cousins. Lukie managed to misplace 2 binkies so he was out of luck when I brought the Twinsies home.

I could tell that Gracie and Luke had been totally loved up and had played their little hearts out. Gracie was asleep in the car before the first song on More from Pooh Corner had ended.

Thank you, Aunt Bec and Nana for loving the Twinsies and me so much and for giving me two nights of complete rest. You'll have to tell me some stories one day so that I can write about them.

Like the story of Gracie's first real ponytail and Lukie's cool slicked hair...

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