Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Jail Revisited

Gracie dumped her bowl of Cherrios all over the floor this morning. After trying to communicate to her that it isn't okay to do that, I cleaned her up and let her out of her seat. As she got up, she grabbed Lukie's bowl and dumped his milk and Cheerios all over the floor. As I said, "Oh, No! Gracie, no!", she laughed and took off across the carpet with the dripping bowl.

Clearly, my method of communication was not working. Thus, the Pack N Play was finally used as Baby Jail (aka a time out).

Stick around for the whole thing. It's worth it.

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  1. Wow Jen, not sure how you got her to stay in and not climb out. We have used our pnp as time-out, but had to flip it upside down over the boys so they wouldn't climb out!

  2. Love the binky throwing bit! classic

  3. Tommy and Michael really enjoyed watching Gracie with me - they joined in with their own chorus of "Uh-oh"'s. :)

  4. Love the new blog layout! Very springy!! :)


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