Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Lazy Saturday

Gracie, Lukie and I were up at the crack of dawn (Thanks, Gracie!). We ate breakfast, made a mess, and got bored playing inside pretty quickly. I was still exhausted, so I laid down on the daybed in the living room and let the kiddos have some fun. I put their tennies on them and opened the screen door so that they could go out side and play. Since I wasn't ready for the day, I decided to just leave them in their jammies for the outdoor fun.

First, we struggled with the dangers of the outside. What could be dangerous about a 4 foot by 15 foot patio? Little rocks. I swear Gracie and Luke have radar for rocks of any kind. It would be fine if they just wanted to pick them up and play with them, but they like to put them in their mouths and try to chew on them. I am pretty sure that this explains how Gracie chipped one of her teeth. I pulled these from their mouths after the first 20 minutes outside.


The rocks are about the size of a nickel and can't taste all that great. Although, maybe the dirt that was on them had a good flavor to it.

They figured out how to open and close the screen door a few weeks ago and now it is just part of the fun. Well, it's all about fun until someone gets hurt!

Don't you love the giggling? I had the biggest kick listening to them.

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