Monday, February 2, 2009

The Tale of the Teddy Graham Family

Once upon a time, there was a bag of Mini Teddy Grahams. The bag was a very special bag only found at Target. Mommy would make special trips to Target just to obtain the special golden bag. The Teddy Grahams were much smaller than their full size counterparts, perfect for the tiny fingers of Twinsies. They were easily placed in snack containers and a handful made Twinsies very happy.

One day, Mommy noticed that the Mini Teddy Grahams were starting to pop up in odd places. She found an entire colony living in Gracie's car seat.


There was a legion that had committed teddycide on the kitchen floor. Then, Mommy noticed that the Teddies seemed to be coming our of every blanket, toy, and even every crevice that the Twinsies had spent time playing in. Photobucket

It wasn't until Mommy got out of the car one day and saw an astounding sight that she realized how Super these Mini Teddy Grahams really were! As she got the stroller out of the car, Mommy looked down and saw:

A Mini Teddy Graham perched on the bumper.Photobucket

How this teddy survived when all the other uneaten teddies had died horrible deaths being crushed by Elmo and Pooh sneakers, we do not know. However, this teddy did manage to ride on the bumper for at least 10 miles, surviving stops, starts, lane changes, and sudden swerves as crazy people cut Mommy off.

Not wanting the industrious teddy to go the way of his extended family, Mommy scooped him up and gave him a proper burial in the trash can. Mommy wondered, though, if the teddy might have wanted to go to his maker on his own terms.


Then again, maybe not.


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