Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sometimes I really wish I had the video camera

So many things happen that make me laugh. I wish I carried a video camera around so I could capture this stuff. I can always blog about it, but there is something special about hearing Gracie or Luke's voice, or seeing them in the act. Here are some things I wish I had had a video camera for:

  • This morning, I gave Gracie the phone as a distraction while I changed her diaper. She began pushing buttons and listening to the sounds. I surreptitiously managed to hit the off button before she called Afghanistan or some other Middle Eastern country. When she thought she had hit enough buttons, she held the phone to her ear, waved and said, "Hi, Papa! Hi, Papa!" She did this several times which leads me to believe she thinks Daddy lives in the phone. Wait! Does "Hi, Papa!" count as a sentence?
  • Last night, I got Gracie and Luke out of the car and into their stroller. As we were getting ready to head into the apartment building a plane took off from Van Nuys Airport. Gracie waved at it and started blowing kisses at the plane. Lukie waved while Gracie said, "Bye!"
  • I've learned that bath tub time can either be fantastic or a nightmare. If I get the Twinsies in the bathtub 10 minutes late instead of joy and fun, we will have hitting, binky stealing, and lots of crying. Last night, Lukie stood over Gracie and hit her multiple times in the head with one of their bath tub bowls. Gracie did not start to cry until I said, "Lukie, no! That hurts Sister!" Luke laughed maniacally and hit her again. Arg.

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