Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lukie's First Big Boy Haircut

It has been raining here, resulting in very little outside time. We've been cooped up inside and I've been trying to plan anything outside our very small apartment. There was an hour of no rain yesterday morning. So I set out on a walk with Gracie and Luke. We walked about a mile to McDonald's and got a Snack Size Fruit and Yogurt Parfait to share.

When it came time to look at our afternoon, though, I was at a loss. Daddy had to go for his first diaylisis treatment and that was to last for several hours. As Lukie ran past me for the 50th time chasing Gracie, I realized that he had way too much hair on his head. Some little boys look okay with a mop of hair, but I've always wanted Lukie to be clean cut. Daddy and I have joked that we want Lukie to look like a Little Ricky (Ricky Ricardo, Jr.).

I started looking up kids' salons on the internet and found one close buy called Gumball Alley. I made Lukie an appointment for an hour after we had to drop off Daddy. I took Gracie with me, even though I was nervous about juggling 2 babies at a hair salon.

Gumball Alley is a fun place. Videos to watch. Jeeps to sit in. Fun colors on the wall. Lukie loved sitting in the Jeep while the stylist cut his hair. Photobucket


That is, until she started on the hair around his ears. He kept standing up and trying to reach for me, which made things difficult since I had Gracie in my arms. Eventually, after some Teddy Grahams, the Slippery Fish song, and some games with Gracie, Lukie's hair cut was complete.

It was challenging trying to pay and get out of the salon with two toddlers determined to tear the place apart (Grandma lets them do whatever they like in her salon), but the owner came to my rescue with balloons. We made it to the car and the Twinsies had a great time playing with their balloons.

A new haircut and a balloon.

Pink balloon!

We are very impressed with Lukie's new hair. My favorite part is that I get to see his ears!

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