Friday, February 27, 2009

The Climber

A few days ago, I was getting us ready to go out the door. Gracie had been up since 5 am and was exploring our incredibly messy apartment. Apparently, I left the chair next to the dining table out too far. When I came into the kitchen, I saw this:



Notice how Gracie is a) on the table and b) trying to push the power button on the printer. Hmmm. Lovely.

Needless to say, the chair is no longer near the table. She'll probably discover a new way to get up there tomorrow.

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  1. Well, she's pretty fearless isn't she? Good luck with that one! :)

  2. Gotta love the climbers! My little Owen would be right there with her if he could. I find him ontop of my desk (handles on drawers removed) he doesn't use a chair, he uses a babylatch to keep them out of the drawer with his monkey toes! He keeps trying to pull my computer monitor down, or here's the kicker -loves- to dial 911. It's getting old..


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