Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dreams of Daddy

This morning, as we were getting ready to head over to Grandma's, we sat in the livingroom so that I could change diapers and we could watch Jack's Big Music Show. I was rebuttoning Lukie's pjs when Gracie pointed and said, "Papa." Since Eddie is still in the hospital, I said, "Papa isn't here, Gracie."

But she insisted, "Papa!" and pointed again.

I finally looked to see where she was pointing, that I saw the picture of Lukie and Daddy taken by Mark Robert Halper in December. (Mark had volunteered his services to the victims of the fires. His beautiful portraits hang in the living room of our tiny apartment.)

When I saw that picture and Gracie continuing to point at it, my heart broke. When children are as little as Gracie and Luke, you think that people just pass through their lives or that they are replaceable. Their memories can be so fleeting at times.

Daddy, you are clearly not replaceable. Gracie and Lukie know you. They know your face and they are waiting for you to come home. Get better as fast as you can. We'll be waiting.

To see the portrait of Lukie and Daddy, you can visit Mark Robert Halper's website. Their portrait is number 49 in the gallery.

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  1. Amazing photo!

    Get well soon wishes from PA. I have been visiting your blog for quite some time and have been sending my positive thoughts and prayers from PA (I believe we were on Sept 07 BBC together for some time).

    Your strength the past few months with the fire displacement and dh's health issues amazes me. I know as mom's we do what we have to, but you are a hero to be looked up to. Your children will be so proud to look back to this time and know all that you handled and accomplished. Keep up the great work!


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