Friday, January 30, 2009

4 versus 7

4 - the number of loads of laundry per for Mommy, Gracie and Lukie

7 - the number of loads of laundry per week for Daddy, Mommy, Gracie and Lukie

5 - the time Mommy has to get up to take her shower so that she can get one in at the beginning of the day (nighttime showers are not my favorite), before the babies wake up

6:30 - the time the Twinsies used to go to sleep when Daddy was here

7:30 - the time Mommy gets back from driving the Twinsies around in the car so that they will fall asleep quickly

2:46 (in minutes and seconds) - the amount of time it took for Kenny Loggins and Olivia Newton-John to sing the Twinsies to sleep tonight

24 - the number of days Daddy has been away from us

infinity - the amount of space needed for us to box the love we have for Daddy and our wishes that he will be home soon

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