Monday, January 12, 2009

New Words

The last few days have been exciting in the world of Twinsie language. Out of no where, Gracie started saying "craca" (a word which here means "cracker"). At first, everyone thought she was saying "caca" but none of us uses that word with her. I realized it was cracker when she tried to take some Wheat Thins away from me. Now, anything that even remotely resembles a cracker is a cacar: Teddy Grahams, cookies....

Lukie started saying "agua" a few days ago, parroting Miss Gracie. Agua is the word for water, but they seem to use it for any drink when they are thirsty. This morning, Lukie busted out with "craca." He was so nonchalant about it (but totally excited by the Teddy Grahams in his snack cup).

Then, as we got out of the car at Grandma and Grandpa's house, Gracie looked at the house and said "abue" (an abbreviation of abuela or abuelo) clear as day. I looked at the house and there was Grandma Rosi at the top of the steps. It was incredibly sweet!

It also made me realize: except for cracker, the Twinsies' words are all in Spanish. I am in trouble!

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