Friday, January 9, 2009

From the "Whose idea was that?" Files

Apparently, the day care teachers have been letting the Twinsies experiment with Crayola markers. They are washable, so technically they are safe.

The first time I discovered they were using markers was when my son had orange and green marks all over his neck, chin and ears. I may be wrong here, but I am pretty sure they are supposed to be drawing on paper or something like that, not on themselves. Admittedly, it was easy to remove the marks, but they were alarming when I first discovered them.

Today, I arrived to pick Gracie and Luke up from day care and their care giver, Viviana, said proudly, "Look at what Gracie and Luke drew!" They are 16 months old, so you can't expect it will be a masterpiece. Instead, it was a series of lines, swiping across the page. Some dots and dashes speckeled in between the lines.

"Nice!" I said, making sure that I sounded excited. All I could think was, "Oh, poop, they are going to have marker all over them!"

Lukie reached me first.


Gracie did not have a mark on her.


When we got home, I let them play to get some of the wigglies out.




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  1. At least Luke coordinated the color shirt with the marker he chose to write on his face!


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