Monday, January 12, 2009

The Binky Drawer

I feel like I may be blogging too much. I feel a bit compelled to write because a) the Twinsies are changing so quickly and b) Daddy isn't here to see it. I'm trying to limit myself to one blog entry a day, but as you can see, that isn't working so well. I guess it is better to have multiple entries than to not blog at all.

Today, I saw the Twinsies (awake) for less than 45 minutes. Between work and a visit to see Daddy in the hospital, I missed most of their day. It bothers me that I saw them so little. Tomorrow, I plan to pick them up as early as I can from day care and go to the park to play together.

For today's photo, I decided to take a picture of something we could not live without: the Binky Drawer. A few days ago, this drawer was dominated by pink binkies. Lukie has taken to tossing his everywhere and it has become a challenge to find them. I've tried to add up the number of binkies we have owned since Gracie and Luke were born. We had about 20 that were size 0-6 months and we switched to the larger size when they were 7 months old. We've lost so many of them that we went through a phase when we bought a new package each time we went to the store. As a result, we now have a surplus supply of binkies. Happily, we rarely run out any more.


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  1. Wow! That's a lot of binks! I wish Layla would take one!!! BTW - LOVE the pix of Ms. Who with the skull cap and the wink - super cute!

  2. I love that pic too! I'm not sure she was really winking. I may have just gotten lucky!


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